India Protocol.

For India.


The India Protocol is our flagship safeguarding system and our core mission in Cheltenham's night time economy. It is the most comprehensive lone female safeguarding system (in a night time economy environment) in the United Kingdom.

In January 2016, India Eve Chipchase was coerced into a taxi outside of a bar in Northampton by a sexual predator. India was later raped and murdered.

This crime resonated hard with our founder Terry Howard. Terry said: "It is a common sight to see young women stood alone outside of nightclubs or other town centre venues and quite often they are in a state of intoxication and may be emotional. Proactive and timely engagement by our experienced team comprehensively reduces the risk of harm to that individual. If elements of the Northampton night time economy had done their jobs properly then India would still be alive today. India was let down by the inability of others to safeguard her when she was in a clearly vulnerable state. It is my duty and that of my team to ensure that this tragedy is not repeated in Cheltenham."

Read how the tragedy unfolded here (via the BBC).

And so the India Protocol was born.


We employ an Approach, Ascertain and Assist method.


Our team will approach the subject if certain criteria are met. These include isolation, perceived intoxication, any outward sign of distress and third-party interaction. We also rely heavily on our instinct and experience.


Our team will ascertain if the subject requires assistance or intervention. 4 interactions out of every 10 will result in further intervention by our team. Quite often the subject will break down in tears once we have established dialogue with her.


Our team will assist the subject by whatever means necessary in order to resolve any current issue and ensure the subject is safe. Whilst engaged with an India Protocol subject she will be our absolute focus and remain our priority. We will utilise any means necessary to ensure her safety including suspending our own code of conduct. An active India Protocol engagement or event allows us to do this should we need to in order to effect a positive resolution.

Typical post-intervention action includes:


  • transporting the subject home, to a place of safety or hospital

  • actively shielding the subject from harm

  • communicating with parents

  • reuniting the subject with lost friends

  • escalating the incident to the police or ambulance service


We are privileged to know India's remarkable family and are thankful for their ongoing support.

If you would like to know more about the India Protocol or have any questions please email or use our contact form here.

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