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Lone female safeguarding in the night-time economy

India's legacy in Cheltenham

In January 2016, India Eve Chipchase was raped and murdered after she was lured away from outside of a night club in Northampton by a sexual predator.

India was failed that fateful night. A lack of proactive engagement with the clearly vulnerable India by ENTE resources ensured a sexual predator was given the opportunity to extinguish this young life. India was 20 years old.

We have vowed to protect young women in Cheltenham. Proactive engagement with lone females by our safeguarding team within the evening and night-time economy environment is helping to keep our kids safe.


The India Protocol is an Equality Act compliant single-sex safeguarding system operated by female officers for female service users.

India Protocol service users may:

  • be vulnerable

  • be unconscious

  • lack capacity

  • be a victim of a recent or historic sexual assault

  • be a victim of coercive control and/or domestic violence


We recognise the requirement for India Protocol service users to receive specialist care and/or intervention by a female officer in a female-only secure environment. A duty of care also extends to our female officers who may be required to search the body, clothing and/or personal effects of an unconscious or incapacitated female service user.


did you know?

For every ten proactive India Protocol approaches we make around three will result in further action or intervention by our experienced safeguarding team.

The proactive engagement of lone females by uniformed Guardian officers helps to counter negative issues before they are given the opportunity to escalate.

Reactive responses by our team to emergencies already underway are always swift and professional. Once in our care our service users can be assured of their safety, their security, and a protected pathway to resolving the emergency.

Currently, all but one of our officers are female which reflects the female-centric work we undertake.

Who Are You?

Initiated and launched in Wellington, New Zealand, Who Are You? is a ground-breaking multi-media campaign. It is a collaborative effort from RespectEd Aotearoa, Tū Pakari Ora – Sexual Assault Assessment and Treatment Service, Sexual Abuse HELP Foundation, Radio Network Wellington, Hutt Rape Counselling Network, Wellington Police, Doctors for Sexual Abuse Care and Regional Public Health.

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