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Preventing violence against women and girls

About Us

We are one of the United Kingdom's leading specialist safeguarding and welfare service providers working in partnership with Gloucestershire Constabulary and Cheltenham Borough Council in Cheltenham's Purple Flag award winning night-time economy (NTE).

Our primary function is to prevent violence against women and girls (VAWG) in the NTE. We deliver this through our flagship safeguarding initiative the India Protocol.

Since our launch in 2015 our highly trained team of specialist welfare officers have ensured the safety of thousands of women and girls and have saved the emergency services over £1million and thousands of duty hours.

Cheltenham Guardians Safeguarding Team




The India Protocol is our core mission and the most innovative and successful NTE female safeguarding system in the United Kingdom today. Created after the rape and murder of India Eve Chipchase in Northampton in 2016 the India Protocol has redefined proactive and dynamic care within the night-time economy environment.


Our team of specialist welfare officers are amongst the most capable and experienced distress care responders in the United Kingdom.

Our ability to respond to a wide range of incidents and emergencies within the ENTE environment makes us a valuable asset to the community we proudly serve and an important strategic partner to the police and local authority.

Delivering an unrivaled service we are an essential component in the policing and care provision in Cheltenham's evening and night-time economy.

Terry Howard

Founder and Operations Director

Cheltenham Guardians Safeguarding Team



  • Experienced uniformed officers

  • Marked support and response vehicle

  • Pre-shift police and partner briefed

  • All officers bodycam equipped

  • In-car video and audio recording

  • Naloxone opioid reversal drug

  • Advanced PPE

  • Police and CCTV linked radio​​

  • Critical bleed and trauma kit​

  • Acid attack response kit

  • Mission specific first aid

  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)


Whilst our primary function in the evening and night-time economy is the safeguarding and welfare of service users we are also equipped to respond to medical emergencies.

Our vehicle is exempt from traffic regulation orders in the town centre which means we can traverse pedestrianised areas quickly in order to reach the patient. Our response time to a medical emergency is less than 3 minutes.

Upon arrival at the emergency we will secure the patient and the scene surrounding the patient, ensuring a safe and sterile area for ourselves and paramedics to work.

Prior to the arrival of paramedics we will provide immediate aid to the patient whilst liaising with the ambulance service emergency medical dispatcher so that attending crews are kept up-to-date with the condition of the patient and the environment.

Upon arrival of the paramedics we will hand over the patient to them along with any relevant new information. Depending on the circumstances we may remain with the paramedics until the patient is either taken to hospital or discharged at the scene back into our care.

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