Whilst having a good night out will be at the forefront of your mind make sure you stay safe. Sadly, when people don’t take their safety seriously they can end up a victim of crime, such as being attacked, mugged, or worse.

1. Charge your phone
Make sure your phone is fully charged and in full working order before going out. Mobile phones can burn through battery through heavy use of social media apps. At the end of the night you may need a phone to call a taxi or family or friends. Consider carrying a portable power bank.

2. Stash emergency cash
Keep some emergency cash set aside away from your purse or wallet. Should you lose your belongings the emergency £20 you squirreled away will come in very handy. DO NOT be tempted to spend it on drinks at the end of the night.
3. Communicate and keep in touch
Let your friends or family know where you are going and what time they can expect you back. Check in with them throughout the night if you can to let them know you are okay.

4. Limit your pre drinks

Let's face it. You don't want to get into town smashed. Yes drinks at home will be cheaper but you want to remember the night, right? Stepping out of a taxi or off of a bus and chundering into the kerb isn't a pretty sight. You've not only lost some dignity but you've let everyone that has seen you know that you're already struggling and you are now a potential target. If this happens return home with a friend. If you insist on staying out you're on water for the next hour. Take on board some food too if you can. Slow it down!

5. Get taxis or arrange a lift
When traveling at night always book a taxi or get a lift with someone you trust. It is worth that little extra expense to take a ride in a taxi and get home safely. If travelling by bus it is best to sit on the lower deck as this is closer to the exit and within sight of the bus driver should there be a problem.

6. Drink in moderation & watch your drink
Always stay in control when drinking alcohol. Know your limits and never push them. A few more drinks may seem like fun at the time but it is never a good idea. Keep a close eye on your drinks and never leave them unattended at any point. Having your drink spiked – perhaps whilst you momentarily turn your back - will ruin your night and maybe your life.

7. Keep the She-Unit together

There will always be safety in numbers so leave no woman behind! If you go out together, stick together. Over 50% of the incidents we attend involve a lone female. Don't become a statistic.

8. Keep away from hostile situations
Do not be a hero on a night out. If there is a fight or an argument stay out of it and get help from venue staff or the police.

9. Do not walk home alone

We strongly advise that you travel by either a pre-booked private hire or a Hackney cab. If you insist on walking home do so only with trusted friends and not somebody you have just met. Always stay in well-lit areas where there are plenty of people. People are less likely to commit crime if there is good lighting, CCTV and people around to see what is happening. Always plan a route home and make sure you stick to places you know. Do not take shortcuts, especially down dark allies, or through unlit parks.

10. Find help if you need it

Cheltenham is generally a safe town and there are many agencies, organisations and services that can help you, even at 4 in the morning. Do not be afraid to approach venue staff, the police, Guardians, taxi marshals or street pastors for assistance. We are all here to help you and ensure you are safe. No matter what the problem is there will be a solution and no problem is too small, or too large for us to deal with.


Promenade taxi rank (town centre)

This is located opposite the Municipal Offices in the town centre. This is the largest and busiest taxi rank in Cheltenham and is staffed by taxi marshals on a Friday and Saturday night between 11pm and 4am. You do not need to pre-book.

Located at: ///cheeks.visual.glory 

Promenade taxi rank (Montpellier)

This is located outside of the Ivy restaurant in Montpellier. This rank is not staffed by taxi marshals. You do not need to pre-book.

Located at: ///direct.vocal.trades

Pittville Street taxi rank

This is located outside of KFC in the town centre. This rank is not staffed by taxi marshals. You do not need to pre-book.

Located at: ///pages.notion.units

Starline Taxis - 01242 250 250

Starline have an office at 6 Royal Well Place, GL50 3DN (by Charles Takeaway). You will need to pre-book a taxi with Starline. You can do this on the phone or at the office.

Located at: ///loud.bumpy.random

Andy Cars - 01242 262 611

Andy Cars have an office at 9 Bennington Street, GL50 4ED (just off the High Street by the Brewery complex). You will need to pre-book a taxi with Andy Cars. You can do this on the phone or at the office.

Located at: ///swear.remind.breath

A2B Taxis - 01242 580 580

A2B have an office at 12 St James Street, GL52 2SH (by St James Street car park). You will need to pre-book a taxi with A2B. You can do this on the phone or at the office.

Located at: ///tips.trades.chained

We have included what3words location links to all of the taxi resources above. Example: Located at: ///cheeks.visual.glory​.


what3words is the simplest way to talk about location. It has divided the world into 3m squares, each with a unique 3 word address made from three random words. Now people can refer to any precise location – a stadium entrance, a tent at a festival or a parking spot – using three simple words.


3 word addresses are appearing on contact pages, business cards, travel guides and physical signs all around the world. People are using the free what3words app to find friends faster, get accurate directions to that tucked away Airbnb and to drive, or ride, exactly where they want to go.


To find out more check out the video and please visit

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