COVID-19 update: The immediate future for Cheltenham Guardians

With immediate effect we have suspended all of our COVID-19 efforts due to the abundance of dedicated statutory and third sector agencies in place and responding to community needs.

Since the 17th of March we have been engaged in the community response to the coronavirus pandemic. Throughout the past 11 weeks we have worked on a number of fronts in support of both the community, the NHS and the wider care community.

Responding to an international pandemic was never on our list of potential scenarios and from the outset we were operating in uncharted territory. Thankfully with the support of the community we were able to very quickly adapt and commit time and resources to developing emergencies and the many requests for assistance we were receiving. We would like to thank all who have reached out to us for trusting us and believing in us to deal with whatever problem you faced. We hope we did not let you down.

There will no doubt be lessons learned from our experience and we look forward to a time when we can sit down with statutory and community partners to analyse the local response to COVID-19 in order to better prepare for any future escalation or outbreak.

Over the next week we will publish a full list of our COVID-19 activities including an account of our £10,500 fundraiser. Going forward we will be looking at what changes we need to make to ensure we are in a position to operate safely and successfully in a COVID-19/Post-COVID-19 night time economy.

We wish the community that we proudly serve safe passage through these unprecedented times.

Partners in the care response to the night time economy
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Cheltenham Guardians is a philanthropic initiative in partnership with Gloucestershire Constabulary, Cheltenham Safe and Cheltenham Borough Council.
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