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Launching in July 2023 the Guardian Girls Safety Briefing (GGSB) will equip and empower girls so that when they venture out at night they have the necessary tools to help keep themselves and their friends safe. This is a unique opportunity for your 13-18-year-old daughter or pupil to experience the ultimate inside track to safety in a night-time economy environment. The briefing will be delivered by members of the award-winning Cheltenham Guardians Safeguarding Team, the longest serving specialist ENTE female safeguarding service provider in the United Kingdom.



Briefings at the Nightcare Hub are approximately 2.5 hours long and held in the evenings between 6.30pm and 9pm. Refreshments and toilet facilities will be made available.

The address of the Nightcare Hub is: Basement, 1 Royal Crescent, Cheltenham, GL50 3DA. The nearest public car parks are located at the Municipal Offices and Royal Well.

Our thanks the Royal Air Forces Association for providing this important community space and to the Cheltenham BID for sponsoring it.


The estimated run-time for a full briefing is 2.5 hours. We are mindful of time constraints at school so we may be in a position to deliver a condensed version which has an estimated run-time of 90 minutes. Please discuss your requirements with us.


  • Who are the Cheltenham Guardians?

  • Defying the doubters, breaking the mould and leading the way

  • Women safeguarding women

  • Who are you? (video)

  • The India Protocol: a legacy saving lives

  • Alcohol: the good, the bad, the ugly

  • Prosecco in the park 

  • The truth about spiking

  • Incident Briefing #1: Unconscious in the Car Park

  • Incident Briefing #2: Committed Extraction

  • Incident Briefing #3: Her Name is Amy

  • Incident Briefing #4: Innocence Lost

  • 10 minute break

  • Risk identification and mitigation

  • Safety in numbers

  • Your responsibilities in the night-time economy

  • Incident reporting

  • In the mind of a sexual predator

  • Your right to enjoy your night

  • Questions and answers

WARNING: The Guardian Girls Safety Briefing is a narrative describing elements of, and incidents in Cheltenham's night-time economy including references to murder, rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment. Whilst some of this content may be distressing it will be delivered sensitively, mindful of our audience.



Most women and girls will experience sexual harassment in an evening and night-time economy environment. Many women and girls will be sexually assaulted inside a night-time economy venue. Such behaviour has been normalised in this setting which dehumanises women and negatively impacts their freedoms, health and safety. Violence against women and girls in Cheltenham and beyond is a public health emergency.


We are predominantly a female team specialising in enhanced and emergency female safeguarding. Our experience in this area has been forged through 8 years of successful service delivery through our India Protocol safeguarding initiative. With women and girls very much our area of expertise we are qualified to deliver this important safety briefing to our potential, primary service user base.



The safety, security and welfare of ALL children and young adults regardless of their biological sex or gender identity is important to us. Should time and resources allow we may introduce separate briefings for young males as well as individuals who identify as transgender or nonbinary. Such briefings sit outside our area of expertise and would require us to partner with organisations or individuals who have more specialised experience in their respective fields. If you feel you can contribute to such briefings and help us build and deliver these in the future please contact:


If you are a parent who would like your daughter to attend a safety briefing, or a teacher that would like us to visit school, please complete the form below.



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