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Do you only help women?

The Cheltenham Guardians Safeguarding Team is a predominantly female, female-focused safeguarding team. Our primary and priority focus is to support women and girls. That being said, 22% of our service users are male.

Are all volunteers women?

All but one of our volunteers are female. We have no plans to recruit male volunteers in the future.

Are you the same as Street Pastors?


Why do you only work on a Saturday night?


How are you funded?

Since our conception in 2015 the majority of the funding has been provided (and continues to be provided) by our founder, Terry Howard. We also receive support from the community by way of sponsorship.

Can I volunteer with you this Saturday?

No. It takes approximately 12 weeks to become a probationary Guardian.

Are you a charity?

No. We are a philanthropic community initiative.

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