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Are you a registered charity?

No. We are a philanthropic community initiative governed by a 3-person management executive.

How are you funded?

The majority of our funding has come from a single source, our philanthropist founder. We are further supported by community and business sponsorship as well as donations. We receive no funding from local government, national government or the emergency services. 

Are you the same as Street Pastors?

No. CGST are a specialist team delivering enhanced safeguarding into Cheltenham's night-time economy. 

Do you just help females?

Our focus and priority is the safeguarding of females in the night-time economy. 70% of our service users are female, 30% are male.

Can I volunteer with the CGST this weekend?

Volunteer candidates undergo interviews, assessments and vetting before they are offered a position within the organisation. To find our more about volunteering please visit our volunteer page.

How can I make a donation to support your work?

You can donate at Thank you for your support!

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