Who we are

Cheltenham Guardians is a non-governmental organisation providing rapid response emergency care and aid services in Cheltenham's vibrant and award winning Saturday night time economy. We are recognised as one of the leading night time economy voluntary care providers in the United Kingdom. Cheltenham Guardians is a division of Cheltenham CERT (Community Emergency Response Team).

Are Guardians Street Pastors?

No. Unlike many support organisations that operate at night in similar environments we are not affiliated with any religious organisation. We are a secular community organisation.

India Protocol

We are the creators of the India Protocol - a lone female safeguarding initiative that is revolutionising safety and security in Cheltenham town centre. The safety and security of lone and vulnerable females in Cheltenham town centre has increased exponentially since the introduction of Cheltenham Guardians and the India Protocol to the Cheltenham night time economy.

Supporting the emergency services

24 hours a day, 7 days a week our emergency services are the difference between a good day and a catastrophe. We are humbled and honoured to work alongside them and provide assistance in order to make their job that little bit easier. Cheltenham Guardians are preventing crime, saving the NHS money and freeing up valuable resources.

Our strategic partners in the response to the night time economy include Gloucestershire Constabulary, Cheltenham Borough Council, Cheltenham Safe, Cheltenham Street Pastors, the University of Gloucestershire Student Patrol and Cheltenham entertainment venues.


Guardians are a close-knit family and are drawn from all walks of life. The average age of volunteers is 26. Our youngest is 19, our oldest is 43. 90% of volunteers are female. Each volunteer brings unique skills to the Guardian family which contribute to the DNA of the organisation. Our team share a vision of a safer, stronger night time economy in Cheltenham and beyond.


Cheltenham Guardians is funded by its members and donations received from the public. We receive no financial support from the government. If you would like to donate to Cheltenham Guardians and help us continue to help others you may do so here.​​